The Employment and Social Security Law department at BKP & Partners assists individuals, associations and businesses in all areas relating to individual work relations, the negotiation and termination of employment contracts and any disputes arising therefrom.

> Hiring: choice of contract type, organisation of working time, specific clauses (mobility, non-competition and confidentiality, intellectual property), forms of remuneration, etc.,

> Drafting employment contracts and any amendments,

> Support in day to day human resource management with regard to employment law (internal regulations, management of sickness, training, harassment, psychosocial risks, health and safety),

> Support in the choice and conduct of disciplinary procedures and termination of employment contracts (resignation, conventional termination, dismissal, negotiated redundancy, settlement),

> Industrial tribunals.


When a company experiences changes to the legal status of the employer, this has an impact on a social level that should be anticipated.

BKP & Partners supports you in these transactions by carrying out a preliminary social audit which includes the financial risks and issues, and then by monitoring and drafting documents relating to the transfer transactions.

In this way we help businesses, social partners and employees to address all the impacts of a change like this, such as :

> The transfer of employment contracts,

> The consequences for staff representative bodies (trade unions, works council, health and safety committee, staff delegates),

> The consequences with regard to collective agreements and pension and welfare benefit plans,

> The consequences for employee savings plans (profit sharing, bonuses, company savings plan, collective pension fund),

> Disputes relating thereto.


BKP & Partners support employers and staff representatives in the management of their respective missions and obligations:

> Information meetings, consultations and negotiations (trade unions, economic and social committee, staff delegates),

> Monitoring collective agreements,

> Working hours,

> Management and support during strikes,

> Collective disputes (elections, appointment of union delegates).


If your company gets into difficulties forcing it to make redundancies for economic reasons, BKP & Partners can advise you in terms of :

> Drawing up a timetable of transactions,

> Drafting communications, information and agreement letters aimed at the staff and their representatives,

> Dealing with the bodies and organs involved in the procedure (trade unions, works council, health and safety committee, staff delegates, labour inspectorate),

> Reclassification strategy.

The Employment and Social Security Law department at BKP & Partners can also support you in the event of challenges to individual or collective economic redundancies (challenges to employment protection plans, challenges to reclassification solutions)


With its vast experience in the field of litigation, the firm can advise you, assist you and represent you in relation to the following disputes:

> Industrial tribunals;

> Collective and electoral disputes;

> Social Security disputes.


BKP & PARTNERS can assist you in disputes before the Social Security courts:

> URSSAF and other social agencies (deficiency, contested social security contributions),

> Accidents at work,

> Work related illnesses,

> Gross misconduct