The Pensions department at BKP & Partners can advise you about strategy prior to taking retirement, particularly on the following points:

> Career path,

> Projections analysis and employment records issued by general and complementary agencies,

This analysis can be used to forecast how much pension is due from general plans and supplementary plans, for employees and artisans, retailers and professionals (ARRCO-AGIRC, IRCANTEC).

> Preparation for retirement and maximising entitlements,

In this context, it is important to be mindful of the age when you leave the company and the terms of your retirement. It is very important to anticipate your rights and have a clear picture of the situation, which presents the most beneficial economic, social implications for you so you can make a reasoned decision. It is therefore essential to start taking an interest in the terms of your retirement.

> Combined employment and retirement.

The terms of this combination differ depending on the age at which it is exercised, the amounts received in the new job and the contract terms of the latter. It is therefore recommended to check the most suitable regime for your individual situation before claiming your pension.