Real estate law

The real estate law department at BKP & Partners operates mainly in the fields of co-ownership, commercial and residential leases, construction law and property sales. It works in close collaboration with trustees, administrators, solicitors, builders, estate agents, property dealers, guarantee funds and social landlords.
In this context, the firm can advise you about which strategic choices to make and assist you in any litigation.


BKP & Partners supports trustees and associations of co-owners in the organisation and day to day running of co-owned properties.

> General meetings
> Rights and obligations of the association
> Construction issues
> Recovery of charges
> Claims regarding works
> Neighbour dispute resolution
> Disputes between co-owners
> Dealing with trustees
> Dealing with caretakers
> Planning
> Disputes with insurers, contractors


Whether you are an individual or an institution the lawyers at BKP & Partners apply their skills in negotiating and drafting commercial and residential leases and resolving any litigation which may result:

> Traditional debt collection, termination clause notices …
> Lease renewals (setting the new rent)
> Setting rent reviews
> Holidays
> Setting eviction compensation

The firm also analyses all document drafting and dispute strategies to be put in place.


BKP & Partners assists the different parties involved in a property transaction: project managers, promoters, construction companies, architects, co-owners and individuals. The lawyers in the property department advise them in the operational set up, analysis and management of the project as well as in drafting and checking the legal documents related thereto.
BKP & Partners also act on your behalf in the event of litigation relating to an operation in progress or a completed operation, whether it relates to new buildings or old buildings:

> Pre-construction surveys
> Expert reports
> Warranties (two-year or ten-year)
> Contractual and tortious liability
> Insurance
> Claims related to construction work
> Subcontracting

RIGHT OF SALE (off-plan sales and traditional sales)

We support you throughout the whole property selling process:
> Sales (preparation of deeds, negotiations, dealings with estate agents)
> Professional liability
> Appeals


BKP & Partners offers advice and assistance for transactions relating to business assets.
> Sale of business assets
> Procedures relating to business assets.


BKP & Partners assists you in terms of planning permission and dealings with local authorities: building permits, administrative authorisations, expropriation etc. They can also support you in any litigation which may arise.
> Disputes relating to building permits, PLU
> Challenging all administrative acts